Effortless Business Growth

We build you a program specifically for your business!

No Heavy lifting required!

Our Process


Gather Content

We start by diving into the heart of your trade or contracting business. Our team expertly gathers and curates content that highlights your craftsmanship, skills, and completed projects. This ensures your online presence reflects the quality and expertise that sets you apart in the industry


Launch Ads

Leveraging our knowledge of the trades, we craft targeted ad campaigns that speak directly to your potential clients. From roofing to remodeling, our strategic ad placements ensure your services are showcased to the right audience, sparking interest and driving engagement.


Generate Leads

We don't just generate leads; we generate leads specifically for trades and contractors. Our strategies focus on connecting you with individuals and businesses seeking your specialized services. Expect high-quality leads that convert into tangible business opportunities.


Weekly Strategy Calls

Elevate your sales game with tailored strategies for trades and contractors. Our weekly calls go beyond leads – we're your reliable partner, offering insights and support precisely when you need it most. Closing deals and overcoming challenges together.

Want just a marketing company? we are not it

We are business partners!

  • WE only succeed when you succeed

  • We will work together on closing your clients!

  • Weekly coaching calls for you and/or your team that touches any of your customers. Leave this part up to us so you don't need to worry about it!

  • We will share our sales skills that have brought us over $5,000,000 in closed business since our first business's conception.

  • We can follow-up with all of your old clients also for reviews and additional sales opportunities!

  • We can give you all the leads you want but if you can't close them we didn't do anything good for you! We can go to the next level on this and help with the closing!


Waiting for a miracle to happen?

  • Social Media Presence Cold?

  • Problem getting new clients?

  • Sales process a little weak?

  • Visitors don't turn into clients?

  • No time to follow-up on sales?

  • We conversate for you on socials!

  • We send them to your calendar!

  • We can help build out new system!

  • Every page's goal is to connect!

  • Automated follow-up no problem!

High-converting marketing

We will build your landing pages for different ads. We will split test the best ones and only use them. We are not staring anything from scratch, we have researched what works beset and will only use those strategies!

Automated Lead Followup

No more missed leads! Automatically text & email your leads as soon as they come in. Speed to lead is everything. No need for an office manager to "remember" to call back.

Full Transparency Conversation System

Manage all of your leads in one place. No need for multiple software and websites. All of your social network messaging in one place!

Sales Processes that you can own

We can help build out your entire sales department by looking at your current processes and helping make minor adjustments or major if necessary. We know what works from personal experience with our own contracting business.

Boost Your Online Reviews

Never forget to ask for a review again with our auto review funnel. Elevate your companies reputation with more Google and Facebook reviews, which helps drive more business& appear higher on the google searches

Book More Appointments Using Calendars

Leads are simply not enough... We'll install a calendar into your online sales process, so prospects can book a "phone call consultation" with your company, so you can wave goodbye to playing phone tag!

Are you ready to control your business?

Albert Einstein said -

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

Our plan

We will use what works. If that doesn't work, we will learn from it and keep making alterations until it works! We will not be working with any insanity mind sets!

Establish your as the expert in your area

We only take on 1 company with your trade in the area so book a call today and see if your trade is available. We work nationwide.


Meet Josh

I have been a local GC for the last 5 years. We have completed over $5m in work from inground pools, patios, decks, remodels, additions, landscaping, demos, and more odd jobs here and there. I know what it takes to close down some business.

Prior to starting my own construction business I spent two decades working for a few different companies in sales and marketing. I have amassed a huge niche for sales. The best advice I can tell you is that if your 100% sold on your own product your conviction will sell the product for you.

Together with myself and my team rest assured that if you have any weakness in sales we will help you correct it.

When I'm not working which is rare but you can find me hanging out with my kids, playing sports or video games with them. A few Sundays per month I'll be behind the church pulpit preaching a sermon. If your in the Janesville WI area I'd love to meet with you in person.

Thank you for checking out our site. I look forward to meeting you soon!

Get consistent stream of customers!

Lets work grow your company

Concrete contractors

General Contractors



HVAC Contractors



Deck Builders

Patio Builders

Pool Builders



Southern WI

While we are located in Southern WI, we can help you in wherever you are located in the US. We can meet in person or over zoom/phone. Get on our calendar and lets start putting things in place to start hitting your goals!

Milton, WI 53563, USA


Satisfaction Guranteed!

We wont stop working until your completely satisfied!

Is your business spot available?

We only work with one trade per zip code. Let's connect and see if yours is available!

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